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Aluminium is the most utilized metal to produce plates and panels.


Aluminium main features:

  •     High corrosion resistance
  •     High heat and electrical conductibility
  •     High ductility and malleability

We use 99,5% purity aluminium in 5005 and 1050 alloy, H14 and H18 hardness.

We can produce plates using pre-varnished or anodized aluminium, from 0,3mm to 4mm thickness.

Accessories platesAccessories platesAccessories plates
Advertising platesAdvertising platesAdvertising plates
Aluminium polycarbonate or polyester panelsAluminium polycarbonate or polyester panelsAluminium polycarbonate or polyester panels
Automotive platesAutomotive platesAutomotive plates
EC platesEC platesEC plates
Etched brassEtched brassEtched brass
Funerary platesFunerary platesFunerary plates
Holy pictures platesHoly pictures platesHoly pictures plates
Modular signageModular signageModular signage
Panels for instrumentsPanels for instrumentsPanels for instruments
Plates for cablesPlates for cablesPlates for cables
Plates for dialsPlates for dialsPlates for dials
Plates for engines, pumps and valvesPlates for engines, pumps and valves Plates for engines, pumps and valves
Plates for inventoryPlates for inventoryPlates for inventory
Plates for markingPlates for markingPlates for marking
Plates for prizegivingsPlates for prizegivingsPlates for prizegivings
Plates for switchboardsPlates for switchboardsPlates for switchboards
Plates in reliefPlates in reliefPlates in relief
Progressively numerated platesProgressively numerated plates Progressively numerated plates
Signage platesSignage platesSignage plates
Small itemsSmall itemsSmall items
Symbols for professional ordersSymbols for professional orders Symbols for professional orders
Synoptic panelsSynoptic panelsSynoptic panels