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Digital printing

Digital printing for posters, pre-spaced applications, labels, decals, decorations, keyboards, plates and panels, advertising materials.

Digital printing

In addition to conventional manufacturings as screen printing, open pore printing and chemical etching, in the last years we have started investing in digital printing.

Digital printing does not need printing machinery and looms for screen printing to realize a graph. Reduced launch time and fixed costs elimination allow to obtain very low prices also for small amounts of products.

Because of its ductility we are sure digital printing will replace lithography and screen printing, and this is the reason why we have invested lots of resources and strains in this technology.

We have created an anti-dust room with stable temperature and humidity, so that It is possible to print complex graphics works without any linear enlargement and dust problem. In this room there are 3 plotter for solvent or UV printing, for works on coil materials, or flat materials up to 14 mm thick, and 2 plotter for cut.

Printers and cut plotter are controlled by a workstation and a graphic software and It is possible to realize four-colour printing for any kind of request and application. We can print a big range of materials in several formats.

Printing type: UV
Colours: four-colour printing+white+transparent glossy
Fixing: led UV lamps
Printing width: coil max 1625mm
Printing area: rigid materials 1625x2500mm
Printing resolution: max 1440 dpi


Mono or double faces PVC banners from 600 SQM size

I Pre-spaced are realized by plotter cut, in vinyl adhesive molten films, also in pantone colours, with application tape for the positioning , guaranteed for 3,5 or 7 years depending on application type. You should remove the adhesive from the writing, put it carefully on the surface and then take the transparent film away from the whole writing.

pre spaced

Floor adhesive decorations. This adhesive is used for floor applications or abrasive areas.

walkable decorations

For small amounts or four-colour printing, digital printing available (no machinery and looms costs)

digital printing

For small amounts, four-colour or multi-colour printing we can realize plates and panels using any kind of material.

digital printing
digital printing
digital printing
digital printing
digital printing

We can produce adhesive labels and decals with white, coloured and transparent adhesive films very quickly and with an excellent price/quality ratio. We also realize labels and cards using any kind of plastic material, in digital printing (level or in coil).

labels and decals

Digital printing is the best method to realize labels and plates with variable data, names, codes, barcodes, QR codes.

plates with variable data
plates with variable data

MATERIALS FOR POP (Point Of Purchase)

materials for pop materials for pop

Accessories platesAccessories platesAccessories plates
Advertising platesAdvertising platesAdvertising plates
EC platesEC platesEC plates
Labels for decalLabels for decalLabels for decal
Plates for prizegivingsPlates for prizegivingsPlates for prizegivings
Plates in reliefPlates in reliefPlates in relief
Pre-spaced labelsPrespaziati Film adesiviPre-spaced labels
Progressively numerated platesProgressively numerated plates Progressively numerated plates