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polimark history

Polimark is a LTD. In 1989 Tecnoindex was founded, It used to work as a sub-contracting of Pelloni Targhe up to 1994, when the present company Polimark was born.

In 1997 a trade agreement with Arbo Targhe permits their set of customers acquisition.

In 2003 Polimark entered “newlights and electronic tables sector”, purchasing New Light brand.

In 2005 Pelloni Targhe closed down, and then Polimark acquired the registered brand, the set of customers, some machinery and some workers.

Polimark activity is based on Pelloni tradition, that used to work both in Italy and Europe, and was the first company able to transform the screen printing from artistic discipline into industrial process.

Polimark is leader for plates, panels, adhesive labels, keyboards, graduated rules production and digital printing.

The managerial team is formed by two partners: Pancera (production and sales manager) and Strada (administrative manager).

They supervise sales, graphics, purchases and agents supervisors.

The main team’s idea is that we are not a small company but we are big artisans.

The work spirit is not anonymous but customized (inside and outside the firm).

Customers loyalty is based on personal relationship and continuous communication.

Pancera follows all the loyal customers thanks to his experience, availability, expertise and responsibility.

The customized products’ manufacturing process can be divided into seven sectors:
• Graphic system designing and customer’s approval
• Printing loom
• Product’s printing
• Mechanical finishing
• Product’s packaging
• Delivery is: direct for customers placed in Bologna area, by means of courier for all the other deliveries.

Furthermore, the company attends:
• Continuous update of the website
• Participation at the main trade shows
• Continuous update of technologies used for the manufacturing
• Staff training.