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Industrial/advertising labels

SELF-ADHESIVE LABELS (STICKERS) for industrial, advertising and ornamental use.

Industrial/advertising labels

Screen or digital printed labels, single, in copies or coils die cutting, with or without adhesive tape.

Possibility of progressive numbering, lamination, UV-overprinting and resin bonding.

Anti-tampering labelsAnti-tampering labelsAnti-tampering labels
Electrostatic labelsElectrostatic labelsElectrostatic labels
Kit for motorbikesKit for motorbikesKit for motorbikes
Labels for decalLabels for decalLabels for decal
Labels for heat printingLabels for heat printingLabels for heat printing
Labels for heat transferLabels for heat transferLabels for heat transfer
Labels in coilLabels in coilLabels in coil
Magnetic labelsMagnetic labelsMagnetic labels
Pre-spaced labelsPrespaziati Film adesiviPre-spaced labels
Refractive labelsRefractive labelsRefractive labels
Removable labelsRemovable labelsRemovable labels
Resin bonded labelsResin bonded labelsResin bonded labels
Thermoadhesive labelsThermoadhesive labelsThermoadhesive labels
Ultra destroyable labelsUltra destroyable labels Ultra destroyable labels