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Perimetric tables

Perimetric tables delimiting plots, properties, protected areas, parks, farmhouses holiday. They can be customized with any writing and drawing.

Perimetric tables

Polypropylene tables, 2 mm. thick, size mm. 250x330, weight 144 grammes each.

They have 4 rounded angles and 3 fixing holes in the centre of upper and lower sides: the central one is for nails fixing, the side ones are for iron cables fixing.

If you couldn’t hang the tables on trees or other structures, tables poles are available.

Tables colours available

targhe rilievo

In addition to catalogue’s models we can realize tables and signs customizations with any writing and drawing. Please contact us for any further information.

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Getting through zinc-plated sheet and aluminium, now we use plastic materials as polypropylene because they offer remarkable advantages:

WEIGHT the table weighs 144 grammes against the 250 grammes of the zinc-plated sheet. It means savings for shipping cost (42%) and less strain for the workers (storage and movement).

STOP RUST thanks to polypropylene, no more rust and oxidation problems.

STOP ACCIDENTS the tables have rounded angles and bevelled edges to prevent cuttings and abrasions.

GREATER DURATION polypropylene is stronger than other materials and the screen printed writing is atmospheric agents resistant.
Perfect readability at least for 5 years.

FLEXIBILITY thanks to the flexible material, the tables won’t bend and warp

ENVIRONMENTALLY SUSTAINABLElast but not least, polypropylene is eco-friendly, completely recyclable and you can work it off very easily. Furthermore, the material we use is MOPLEN EP540P and It satisfies FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and EU laws.

Tables polesTables poles Tables poles