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Tables poles

We designed a new system to fasten easily tables to poles when you cannot fix them to trees, enclosures or preexisting poles.

Extrusion square poles made in eco-friendly polypropylene (the same used for tables).

There are two holes both on the pole and on the tables. In this way the application will be very easy, because you should just put on top the two holes and push it.

We cut 6 mt. rods in 1 – 1,5 – 2 – 3 submultiples to obtain the profiles.
The sizes are mm.50x50x3.

You can buy the white top for the pole (complete kit) to avoid the rain entrance.

The price is aligned to wood poles price (the chestnut is the cheapest one).
If a Ø cm.5 chestnut pole weighed 2,5 kg per metre, the same polypropylene pole would weigh 680 grammes and you could have several advantages.