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We realize screen printing plates in aluminium (natural aluminium, pre-painted aluminium, fixed or not fixed anodized aluminium), steel, brass or plastic materials (PVC, polycarbonate, polyester a.s.o.).

We are among the few companies still able to produce chemically etched, steel, aluminium and brass plates.

We print on aluminium with inks, which are detergents and weather resistant.

We produce plates for tools machines, data and motor plates, warning plates, plates for dials, funerary plates for coffins, synoptic panels and panels with polycarbonate layer.

We can complete aluminium panels with milling, threading, lathe-boring, countersinking a.s.o. and with threaded and not threaded inserts application. We use polyester, polycarbonate and back-printed PVC to make the printing indelible.

We have a big range of double-sided adhesives can be applied everywhere. Our technical office can follow the customer from the starting design through different transformations to the final product in the different sizes, perspectives, colours. We can produce these works thanks to our experience, the continual technological evolution and the new manufacturing processes.