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The plates are used in several sectors and lend themselves to many applications.

In the industrial sector they are ideal to identify equipment and machinery, in the advertising to promote sales, as accessories in the fashion, leather goods, bags and shoes factory, indispensable in the safety signage, they are also used to give more visibility to offices and shops, they are compulsory on the coffins, and they can be used for other applications as well.

We realize aluminium, brass, copper and steel plates between 0,3 and 4 mm thick, and methacrylate or other plastic materials plates in any thickness.

The plates can be customized with one or more colours, with holes or double-sided adhesive, serial numeration and more particular manufacturings as deep-drawings, embossings, bendings, edge and fretsaw manufacturings.

Advertising platesAdvertising platesAdvertising plates
Automotive platesAutomotive platesAutomotive plates
EC platesEC platesEC plates
Funerary platesFunerary platesFunerary plates
Plates for cablesPlates for cablesPlates for cables
Plates for dialsPlates for dialsPlates for dials
Plates for doorsPlates for doorsPlates for doors
Plates for engines, pumps and valvesPlates for engines, pumps and valves Plates for engines, pumps and valves
Plates for inventoryPlates for inventoryPlates for inventory
Plates for markingPlates for markingPlates for marking
Plates for prizegivingsPlates for prizegivingsPlates for prizegivings
Plates for switchboardsPlates for switchboardsPlates for switchboards
Plates in reliefPlates in reliefPlates in relief
Progressively numerated platesProgressively numerated plates Progressively numerated plates
Signage platesSignage platesSignage plates
Symbols for professional ordersSymbols for professional orders Symbols for professional orders