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Screen printing

Ink coat obtained with screen printing.

Screen printing

The extreme ductility of the procedure combined with the long experience of our staff permits us to grant highest quality and resistance on a wide range of materials as aluminium, brass, steel, glass, leather, wood, skin, plastic material, cloth a.s.o.

Depending on the materials, single component or double components inks are used. Drying in static dryers by temperatures and times compatible with the different products.

Screen printing for objects supplied by customers as glasses, sponges, switches, boxes a.s.o.

To enhance the plate we apply a transparent resin finish with casting to achieve a lens effect.

Screen printing
Screen printing
Screen printing
Screen printed plate
Screen printed plates
Screen printed plates

We can apply transparent resin finishes on adhesive labels (flexible and elastic).

We can decorate enamels with different sheets by means of hot-press.

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